Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Gerogerigegege

Yes, that's actually the name of a band; maybe the term "music project" would be better, since their music is the opposite of what people would expect if you say it's a band. Their music wouldn't even be called "music" by some people. I bet you are curious now!
The Gerogerigegege was started in 1986 and lead by Japanese Juntaro Yamanouchi. I could immediately hear that they were heavily influenced by Naked City, an American avant-garde band bringing together jazz, grind-core and lots of other genres. They took Naked City's chaos a few steps farther: "Fuck compose, Fuck melody, Dedicated to no one, Thanks to no one, ART IS OVER" says Juntaro Yamanouchi.  If you are done with usual Western music, which always tends to incorporate the basic rules, this is the right music to listen to. It stretches the boundaries of music by kilometers, and yet remains dead simple. Your mind has to be as open as a nut cracked by the teeth of a cyclops to appreciate it though.
Most of their music has no clear rhythm or composition and only contains sound produced by traditional rock instruments, unknown sources, their voices or other parts of their bodies, with or without digital effects. The only way to truly know what their music sounds like is to actually listen to it, so here are some of their tracks:

Like it or not


  1. This is some weird stuff

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  2. Oh man my friend would love this music

  3. thats a funny name for a band. keep it up!

  4. I actually get the naked city connection. I always thought naked city was japanese for some reason...but i really only listened to the stuff they did for the peel sessions so i don't know what their life was like outside of that.

  5. @Adolph The vocalist of Naked City is Japanese, and I believe the rest of them are jazz musicians

  6. sounds interesting, will listen to some more on youtube :) thanks for introducing!